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Bustudymate Started learn.bustudymate.in portal with a vision of transforming people towards E-learning with an act of goodness and saving trees. We at learn.bustudymate.in are dedicated to the development of each student’s potential in a positive method. The user friendly Web Portal and responsive faculty create a well-being among the students. Each and every basic standards are been adopted in learn.bustudymate.in for the comfortable accomplishments of the student’s career. Formula of this Portal is to maintain an energetic environment between faculty and the students until they are in the our premises. Responsive faculty and services are provided to each and every student in learn.bustudymate.in

Our Facilities

The content is prepared in consultation with Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Phd lecturers and other experts of the concerned subjects.

Our Mission

To offer the education content for affiliated students under various university like Bangalore , Davangere , Shivamogga. And Alos add-on course like Advance Excel , Digital Marketing, Finance Analysis , etc

Who We Are?

  • We provide the best and complete content of coaching class lectures by the best and renowned teachers loaded on desktop, Laptop, MacBook, and Android Tablet PC .
  • It covers all the theoretical and application oriented concept, supplemented with ample number of numerical problems along with discussion of their solution.
  • It includes study material covering sufficient number of numerical problems and objectives for practice purpose.
  • Complete programming and planning for student preparation for target examination.
  • Develop 100% co-ordination between the College and competitive exam preparation.
  • No need of moving out of home town for competitive exam preparation.
  • Lecture may be replayed any number of time till 100% grasping.

Our curriculum

  • Content of all the relevant topics, in sync with syllabus prescribed by respective university

  • Short summary of all the topics

  • Glossary for understanding difficult words

  • Previous Years papers for practise.

  • More than 150 Multiple choice Questions in each subject

  • Skill Development

  • Research Papers on various critical topics

  •  Group Discussions (If the entire college opts)

  • Aptitude Questions for practice

Our Catalog

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Expert Educational Program

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Bustudymate is organizing a excel learning platform these as became very useful for everyone..In working excel is very much needed and with a low cost they are teaching us step by step from basics ,It is a good platform for students to learn in Bustudymate..



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